WLS Interests, Inc. utilizes proven operational practices that include programs designed to maximize income through increased ancillary revenue and constant evaluation of market potentials. We have invested in technological systems that allow us effective expense control.

• Graduated Rent Increase Program

• Preventative Maintenance Program

• Cutting-Edge Accounting and Reporting Software

• Monthly Property Audits

• Safety and Risk Management Programs

• Lease Expiration Staggering

• Weekly Report Distribution

• Weekly Market Surveys

• Full Payroll Services

• Water Billing through in-house R.U.B.S. Program

• Utility/Energy Broker Services


Our Mission is to provide superior residential property management services through extraordinary attention, service and loyalty to our cornerstone customers, residents, associates, clients and partners.


WLS Interests, Inc. provides a personalized approach to property management that is both technology driven and client focused. We take pride in our service and integrity to residents, associates, investors, and owners. W.L.S. Interests, Inc. currently oversees portfolios located in twelve cities across Texas.