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Property Management With W.L.S. Interests, Inc.

W.L.S. Interests, Inc. has established itself as one of the elite property management companies in Texas. Specializing in multi-family and commercial property management, W.L.S. Interests, Inc. is raising the industry standard by utilizing indisputable operational practices that are devised to increase profit for cornerstone customers, while simultaneously offering superb customer service, and incredible attention to detail. Our real estate property management company is constantly evolving and adopting new technology to ensure our clientele is receiving the best return on their investment. At our Texas property management company, we use cutting-edge software to maximize returns and effectively control expenses. Visit our About Us page to learn more about our immensely successful property management practices.


Our management expertise through utilization of cutting-edge technology, training programs and excellent owner communication make W.L.S. Interests Inc. the clear choice for third party owners.



THE BUILDING BLOCKS of the future are rooted in the VISION of today. In a complex, changing world, basic concepts cannot be lost; integrity, forethought and concern for the legacy inherited by future generations. We are advocates of such things. Keeping investors, clients, shareholders and the community in balance is a challenge we embrace with passion.



We take pride in our associates and their contributions that make W.L.S. a leader in property management. We have strong, ethical and stable associates. We realize that without reliable, capable, honest, and persistent business associates, we would not accomplish our high level of expectations. Our teams ensure both resident and owner satisfaction through keen attention to detail, customer service, site maintenance, and the execution of owner objectives.




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W.L.S. Interests, Inc.-Texas Real Estate Management

Superior Management. Extraordinary Service.

Our commercial and residential real estate property management team is committed to taking the time to understand the needs of every investor we work with. We understand that there is no single blanket strategy that will deliver the results you desire, so our service-oriented property management of Texas company is dedicated to devoting ample time to your project to ensure we design a strategy that is specifically tailored to your unique business needs.

The success of our company is based in the 100+ years of combined experience of our upper-management team, who have devoted their careers to the ever-evolving multi-family and commercial real estate management markets. With one of the best property management companies in Texas, contact us today and let us assist you in reaching the goals you have established for your multi-family or commercial property investment. Our Texas property management team is highly trained and supported. W.L.S. Interests, Inc. is here to provide you with superior management and extraordinary service.

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