W.L.S. Interests, Inc. was established in September 1983.

Early Years

W.L. (Bill) Sisson began his working career at 12 years of age as a shoeshine boy, on Saturdays for .25 per shine. "I didn't make much money but I learned about commitment and sticking with a job (persistence)".

At 14, Bill worked in the summer for the Texas A&M Experimental Station in China, TX, pulling rice (purifying seed crops) for $1.25 per hour. He accomplished his goal to earn enough to buy a Cushman Motor Scooter, which he was licensed to drive at 14.

The summer of his 15th year proved to be one of his most exciting. His father's job with Halliburton transferred the family to Tripoli, Libya, North Africa, where they were welcomed in with the Six Day War. Three days after arriving, they were evacuated by the US Air Force on C-130s to safety in Italy. After a long summer back home in the US, the family flew back to Tripoli for 2 years. As a teenager in 1968, Bill worked as a student counselor at the American Activities Club for the American children of the families working for oil companies in Tripoli. His goal was to earn enough to take a cruise around the Mediterranean at Christmas.

In September 1969 Muammar al-Gaddafi overthrew the King of Libya, King Idris, and became a dictator. Following the overthrow, the Sisson family moved back to China, TX, where Bill attended school at Hardin Jefferson High School and graduated in 1970. During his senior year of High School Bill worked at a repair shop on weekends cleaning up and learning how to repair Volkswagons. His knowledge of Volkswagons came in handy as he and his father built his first car, a Volkswagen Dune buggy, which he drove all through college.


In November 1970, Bill moved to College Station to begin his college education and find a job. After learning A&M didn't offer night classes, he enrolled in classes at Blinn College. Having to work his way through school, Bill found a job as a mechanic in a Volkswagen repair shop. In the summer of 1971, while visiting his parents, he worked for Diamond Shamrock & Mesa Petroleum as a purchasing agent in Ghana, West Africa. Upon return he accepted a construction job where he worked as a carpenter until he finished college. He graduated in 1973 with an Associate's Degree. Although Blinn College is a junior college he received a great education, as most of his professors were A&M professors teaching night school at Blinn.

1970s - Present

When the recession hit in the mid 70s, and construction jobs were all but eliminated, he began working as a maintenance man of a 408-unit apartment community (Briarwood) in College Station, Texas, which lead into his property management career. After becoming the manager of the 408-unit property, he worked in the community to reestablish the Bryan College Station Apartment Association where he served as President in 1976 and 1977. He also served on the Board of Directors of the Texas Apartment Association in 1977 1979. In the summer of 1980, he accepted a job in Denver, Colorado as a property manager and soon became a partner and Executive VP of the R.J. Fulscher Company. The recession presented management opportunities in Texas for Bill, and in the summer of 1983 he started W.L.S. Interests, Inc. Bill is currently enjoying over 35 years of his Houston based company where he owns and operates properties throughout the United States.

Persistence is Omnipotent - W.L. Sisson

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